Jeff Garver

Fort Wayne, Indiana

In an ideal world, a company would know months in advance that it is going to attend a trade show, giving its marketer ample time to create all the necessary collateral.

But when are things ever ideal?

Last year, Northern Apex decided to attend the IWF Trade Show three weeks before the event. That gave Jeff less than three weeks to design and have printed the booth’s backdrop and signage; record, edit and produce a seven-minute video to play in the booth; write, design, and mail a promotional postcard; and write and send an email marketing campaign.

Jeff not only finished everything on time, but the salespeople who attended said it was not only the best booth Northern Apex had ever displayed but also the best booth at the entire show.

More, the trade show generated 260 contacts for Northern Apex, including 10 active leads for projects ranging from $200,000 to $500,000 in value.

As an IPFW graduate, Jeff has a lot of pride in his alma mater, regardless of the name change. As a lifelong Fort Wayne resident, he understands the city and its needs. Plus, his dual graphic design-marketing experience mean he understands intimately what it takes to help an organization achieve its goals. Jeff understands the importance of a deadline and of brand adherence.